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Graha Dosha Nivarana Mantra

" TDL Bhakti Ragam is committed to provide a divine experience to its audience. Bhakti is it just an activity its our life style. Hindu dharma says bhakti is not a habit its in your blood. TDL bhakti ragam strives in providing lates bhakti songs, devotional discourses, Ganesh bhajans and Ayyappa bhajans helping you perform all your spiritual activities easily and enlighten your sole with our songs. Or vedic chantings will help you improve your meditation capability to touch the devine feet of the lord in a vedic way. The People who are suffering from so many graha dosha problems and not getting any solutions out of it. They can follow Graha Dosha Remedy for getting their problems solved completely. Following are very effective Spiritual Mantra’s for Om Namo Baskarayamukasya Sarvagrahanaam Vinaanasanam Guruswaha. Nava graha dosha nivarana stotras and mantras are available with us in our channel TDL Bhakti Ragam."