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Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of the major god of Hinduism. He is the incomparable being inside Shaivism. Shiva is a piece of Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and is related with Moksha which is help from the cycle of birth and death. In the goddess culture of Hinduism referred to as Shaktism, the goddess is described as ideal, yet Shiva is respected together with Vishnu and Brahma. A goddess is said to be the strength and innovative power (Shakti) of every, with Parvati the same complementary associate of Shiva.

Shiva has many forms, which are visible in his Panchavaktra with from 5 heads, a mix of all Shiva energies. Aghora, Ishana, Tatpurusha, Varna Deva, Saddyojat or Braddha Rudhra, Rudraksha Mala, another form is the Nataraj. Shivarathri puja performed at the Celebration called Maha Shivaratri blessings of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva is also known as Adiyogi Shiva, appeared as the patron god of yoga, meditation, and arts. Shiva’s wife was Parvati, often incarnated as Kali and Durga and his two children, Ganesha and Kartikeya.