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Shiva Prasad

"Eelapata Sivaprasad is very very Famous for Whistle Music and he is known as Whistle Wizard. Whistle Wizard Sivaprasad 9th child of Late Sri K.S.V.Subba Rao and Smt.Rajya Lakshmi was born on 26th April 1955 in Bapatla. Komaravolu Siva Prasad is started whistle music at the age 10 years He had the rare opportunity of attaining guidance from the legendary Carnatic Vocalist Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna Whistle Wizard K Siva Prasad performs complete Classical and Devotional concerts with Karnatic and Hindustani styles whistle wizard can sing Folk, Western and film songs with melodious whistle The Bhajans of Bhagawan have become so popular throughout the world that the devotees experience a divine bliss while listening to the Swami's bhajans."