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Nithya Santhoshini

"Nitya Santhoshini Annamayya songs are very very famous and she is known for Nitya Santhoshini devotional songs available in the devotional market. There has been various singers for Annamayya keertanas but Nitya Santhoshini Aannamacharya songs has got a special place among them. Not only Annamacharya keertanas but also Nitya Santhoshini Lalitha Sahasranamam has been a popular devotional content which gave Nithya Santoshini a good name. Famous Nitya Santhoshini Ramadasu keerthanalu also brought Nithya Santhoshini a recognition as a Famous Carnatic Vocalist. Her performances in carnatic sangeetham has been remarkable and Nithya santhoshini contributions to Carnatic music are appreciable "